Spot lighting - which one to choose to steal your heart?

Oświetlenie punktowe - jakie wybrać, aby skradło Twoje serce?

In the past, it was enough to install one ceiling lamp or wall lamp as the main lighting in the house . Fortunately, now the light source can be adjusted to the mood, purpose of the room and the overall design of the room. If you are a fan of minimalist, loft or Scandinavian style, you probably want the ceiling lamp to complement your interior. Shape, color and the entire structure are, of course, important aspects. Also make sure that the designed spot lighting affects your comfort and well-being. See how to do it!

The impact of spot lighting on your well-being and... health

During the day, you are certainly active, doing a lot of things, talking to people or working. The evening is the time when you can finally relax on the sofa, drink delicious tea or just spend time in the comfort of your home. That's why choosing lighting for your room is so important. Sunlight is needed for everyday functioning and it determines the rhythm of the day and also provides the body with the necessary vitamin D. The rays are also a source of energy and motivate us to take action every day. However, it is worth noting that natural light is not with you all the time. In the evening or in the autumn and winter, this is quite problematic. Take care of the light color of your lighting to improve your well-being and feel comfortable.

The color of light is expressed in Kelvin [K] and it indicates the lighting temperature. The higher the index, the cooler the light. Below are the basic indications of light color:

  • 2000 K – candle light color;
  • 2800 K – warm white color;
  • 3000 K – color of sunrise and sunset;
  • 3200 K – incandescent color;
  • 4000 K – white color;
  • 5000 K – cool white color;
  • 6500 K – cold color;
  • 10,000 – 15,000 K – the color of a clear sky;
  • 28,000 – 30,000 K – the color of lightning.

Are you wondering how to match the light color to your rhythm of life?

We already explain how it affects your well-being. The cold light color is perfect for production places, workshops and dental offices. It works perfectly for people who work with great precision. They can also be used in spot lighting in office rooms. It also gives a modern look and, interestingly, optically enlarges the room.

The neutral color of light , like cold light, stimulates action. Works well as general lighting. It can be used in commercial premises, offices and at home. For example, it will work perfectly in bathrooms or kitchens under spotlights while preparing meals.

In turn, the warm color of light gives the interior a cozy atmosphere, making it a perfect place to relax. That's why it is so often chosen for hotels and restaurants.

Now that you know what the colors of light are and how they affect your well-being, you can design spot lighting on the ceiling . A warm color will work better in a hanging lamp in the bedroom, and a cold color in a ceiling lamp in the kitchen or bathroom.

Spot lighting – where will it be useful?

In stores you will find a huge selection of spot lighting - from spot lamps, through hanging lamps, spotlights to entire track systems. Thanks to this, you are able to adapt the functionality of the products to your room. In our opinion, spot lighting will be perfect especially in the living room, kitchen, and - as you well know from the text about the Troost bedside table - the bedroom.

Why is it worth installing spotlights in the kitchen? This is where most of the action happens. You admit that every celebration or meeting with friends must end here... Moreover, lamps hanging over the kitchen island are the perfect solution if you want to prepare meals. Take into account not only the color of the light, but also the appearance of the entire structure. You can match it with other accessories.

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If you are choosing a lamp for the living room, first assess the style of the entire interior. Lighting should complement it. For example, one, two or three ceiling lamps will work perfectly above a large table with an oak top . Eating will become more enjoyable and comfortable. The selection of lighting will also allow you to optically expand small interiors or highlight a distinctive place. You can direct several light points, for example, to decorative elements that will immediately catch your eye.

In turn, in the bedroom, well-planned lighting will help you create an incredible atmosphere that will help you fully relax. Evening reading or choosing your wardrobe will become even more enjoyable. In the bedroom, we prefer warm and subtly diffused light colors. All this to create a cozy atmosphere.

ogen ceiling lamp – discover its functionality!

The ogen ceiling lamp is a proposition of our borcas brand, which is distinguished by its unique design. It consists of two lampshades, external and internal with perforation. You can use it as a hanging lamp, the light of which can be adjusted to your needs. You can change the lighting intensity in a few seconds, depending on your mood. On an autumn evening with a cup of tea on the bedside table and a good book, you definitely need different light than during romantic moments with a loved one. Thanks to the ogen lamp, you can instantly change the mood in the room. It fits perfectly into Scandinavian, modern and even classic interiors.

Where else will the ogen hanging lamp be useful?

If you own a hotel or run a restaurant, you certainly know that the lighting must be appropriate. First of all, the most important feature is functionality to move around the rooms without problems. However, this is not the only function of spot lighting . It should also create a cozy atmosphere that will take your breath away upon first impression. The lighting must also match the overall style of the interior. The intimate atmosphere guarantees comfort for your employees and guests who will be happy to return to you. The style of the ogen hanging lamp and its functionality are a perfect combination for such interiors.

It's still not everything. If you are arranging a children's room , also consider spotlighting. The ogen hanging lamp is practical and designed with minimalism in mind. This solution will be perfect for a children's room. A child's room must serve many functions, including a place to sleep, play and study. Thanks to the ogen hanging lamp, you can adjust the light intensity to your child's activities. Moreover, bright and evenly dispersed light will not irritate young eyes. You can adjust the entire structure in terms of height.

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Change your mood depending on the day

As we mentioned, the ogen hanging lamp consists of two lampshades. The first, external one, is responsible for the direction of light. The inner lampshade has perforation, thanks to which you can adjust the light intensity depending on your mood, well-being or time of day. During the day, when it is quite bright, it is better to use a lampshade with visible perforation, and in the evening and at night, choose an internal lampshade with a surface that is smooth to the touch. It only takes a few seconds to do it, without any specialized tools.

Interestingly, the functionality and design of the ogen lamp was appreciated at the 10th edition of the must have 2020 plebiscite at the Łódź Design Festival . We are glad that our proposals are supported not only by our clients, but also by enthusiasts and experts in the field of interior design. Agata Nowak is responsible for the design of our ogen lamp.

Spot lighting - set the right mood for your interior!

Thanks to spot lighting and the ogen hanging lamp, you can arrange your interior the way you need it. Thanks to this, you will adapt them to the purpose of the room and create the atmosphere you dream of. This, in turn, will affect your well-being and comfort during everyday activities. The material of decorative elements and their construction influences the entire interior design. Accentuate style with your lighting. We are sure that a well-matched lamp can change the character of your interior.

Project : Original lamp

Designer : Agata Nowak

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