Back to school, i.e. returning to school and organizing a room

Back to school, czyli powrót do szkoły i organizacja pokoju

The beginning of September means the youngest children return to school. This year it is even more special because it takes place against the background of unexpected events and numerous surprises. Not so long ago, teaching was carried out in a completely different way than the traditional one. It was an incredible challenge for both students, parents and teachers. Start school with your child in a fun way! Prepare for your return and pay attention to the arrangement of a study and play corner for the student. What to look for?

Small desk for a children's room – which one to choose?

If your child is just starting school, he or she does not need a huge countertop and therefore large furniture in his or her room. A small desk will be useful, where you can do your homework and learn organization. The Vogel S wooden desk, 77 centimeters high, 100 centimeters wide and 50 centimeters deep, will be perfect for this purpose. It does not take up too much space and at the same time allows you to organize notebooks, books and school supplies. If it turns out that there are quite a lot of them, nothing is lost! The vogel s desk is also available with an additional extension, which significantly increases comfort and helps maintain order.

Pay attention to the quality of workmanship of a small desk for a children's room. The Vogel model we offer is made of solid wood, so it is incredibly easy to maintain and care for. You can easily get rid of dirt, which is not difficult in the case of a toddler. Always adjust the size of the child's desk to your space. By personalizing the furniture, we are able to create a model that will perfectly meet your needs.

Check out the vogel S desk

A desk for a teenager - what kind?

As a child matures, his or her needs change. He also begins to collect personal items in his room that are valuable to him. Learning requires not only spreading out books, but also using a laptop. Then he will need a desk with a larger top, e.g. Vogel M from our offer. It is slightly larger than its predecessor - 40 centimeters wider and 10 centimeters deeper. Depending on your needs, it is also possible to adjust the parameters to a specific interior.

A solid desk with a large wooden top and beech legs ensure comfort during studying, even long and labor-intensive ones. It will also be perfect for pursuing your maturing child's passion. The desk has three practical drawers where you can hide your valuable items or trinkets needed for school. You can also easily place a computer or laptop on the wooden countertop.

Check out the vogel M desk

A Scandinavian desk for a teenager's room - practical and beautiful

A child's desk must fulfill many important functions. First of all, it has to be tailored to his needs, i.e. learning, rest and entertainment. However, the appearance cannot be random, it should match the entire arrangement. If you're looking for a Scandinavian-style desk, we also have many other interesting options, including skog , elg and fjord . They are distinguished by excellent precision in finishing, without unnecessary decorations. The simple form will therefore be suitable for many children's rooms, regardless of the main color scheme or even the size. Desks with a solid wooden block top and metal legs provide a unique design, and are also solid and long-lasting. Thanks to the screwless connection method, there are no visible or dangerous elements for the child. You won't waste time on assembly, because you receive each piece of furniture from borcas ready to use.

Check out the skog desk

Check out the elg desk

Check out the fjord desk

Storage in the children's room – how to deal with it?

The older a child is, the more attached he or she is to his or her toys, books and trinkets. Maybe they are not as important to a parent as they are to a little person. Moreover, learning gains pace over the years, so numerous materials are needed. Where to store it all? In addition to the desk, an additional havn container is a good option. It is distinguished by functionality and timeless design. You can match it to your interior without any major problems. Your child can fit everything he needs in three spacious drawers. It is worth displaying souvenirs, books and decorations on a Scandinavian-style bakke shelf . Moreover, it is designer, and the wooden shelves are suspended on a screwless, invisible connection. The entire structure is solid and therefore safe, regardless of the age of your child.

Check the havn container

Check out the bakke rack

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