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Więcej niż miejsce na książki: wielofunkcyjność regału Noe

Więcej niż miejsce na książki: wielofunkcyjność regału Noe

Regał Noe to nie tylko mebel, ale również dzieło sztuki użytkowej, które wyróżnia się na tle tradycyjnych rozwiązań. Wykonany z wysokiej jakości drewna dębowego, reprezentuje połączenie estetyki z ...

Biurko i krzesło, które rosną z Twoim dzieckiem: dlaczego warto wybrać zestaw Rise

Biurko i krzesło, które rosną z Twoim dzieckiem: dlaczego warto wybrać zestaw Rise

Każdy rodzic pragnie dla swojego dziecka tego, co najlepsze – zarówno pod względem komfortu, jak i rozwoju. W odpowiedzi na te potrzeby powstał zestaw mebli Rise, który obejmuje biurko i krzesło za...

Jak dbać o drewniane meble?

How to care for wooden furniture?

Wooden furniture is very popular. They are timeless, durable and look great in virtually any room. Many people even believe that properly selected wooden furniture makes the interior immediately co...

Jak urządzić biuro w stylu skandynawskim?

How to arrange an office in Scandinavian style?

A properly furnished and arranged office is essential when working from home. It is worth taking care of your comfort and equipping the room intended for your office with all the necessary amenitie...

Zabawa, odpoczynek i nauka - Jak urządzić pokój dziecięcy

Fun, rest and learning - How to arrange a children's room

A children's room must, above all, be child-friendly and functional for the parent. There should be space for both learning and fun. In order for the furniture to serve your child longer, it must b...

Konsola hal - nagroda must have 2022

Hall console - must have award 2022

We have another reason to be proud and this time our oak hall console was awarded in the must have 2022 plebiscite during the 16th edition of the Łódź Design Festival!

Nowoczesne meble drewniane

Modern wooden furniture

There is probably no more timeless and solid material than wood. In order for it to retain its best properties, the ripening process, drying and further processing are extremely important. You also...

Nagroda Dobry Wzór dla konsoli hal

Dobry Wzór award for hall consoles

We have another reason to be proud of receiving the unique Dobry Wzór 2021 award for the hall console. We are glad that our unique project was appreciated!

Borcas łączy się z grupą Kolektywni!

Borcas joins the Collective group!

We can proudly boast that we are one of the brands that belong to the Kolektywni group. Together we support unique furniture designs, high quality and original design. We are glad that this is anot...

Półka ścienna - stwórz dekorację na pustej ścianie

Wall shelf - create a decoration on an empty wall

A wooden wall shelf is a timeless decoration that you can place on an empty wall. Which one to choose? How to arrange it? Check the answers in our text!

Jak zorganizować i urządzić Home Office

How to organize and arrange a Home Office

Home office has already become part of our lives. The current situation has caused more and more people to switch from stationary to remote work. Many employers also notice the great advantages of ...

Nadmiar bodźców a samopoczucie - co zrobić, aby odpocząć?

Excess stimuli and well-being - what to do to rest?

Do you check your phone before going to bed because someone sent you an important email? Or maybe when you want to rest, you watch movies that relax you? It's just an appearance. In today's world, ...

Nagrody i wyróżnienia dla produktów marki borcas

Awards and distinctions for borcas products

We are happy to inform you that our two products, the Troost bedside table and the ogen lamp, have won the must have 2020 awards at the Łódź Design Festival! The awards ceremony and the show of dis...