Troost bedside table - functionality and design in one

Szafka nocna troost - funkcjonalność i design w jednym

Bedside table for the bedroom – why is it worth having?

The bedroom is a place where you spend a lot of time. It is an oasis of rest because it is associated with sleep, but not only. Who doesn't love sipping freshly brewed coffee and reading a book in bed? Exactly. To have your favorite items within reach, it is worth choosing a solid and at the same time beautiful piece of furniture , i.e. a bedside table . What to keep close to you? For example, in the Troost model we present, you can place a night lamp , your favorite hand cream or a cup of the above-mentioned coffee on a beautiful wooden furniture top .

Moreover, in a subtly hidden oak drawer you can place a notebook with a pen or a supply of candles. You also have two compartments at the back, which are hidden by the bedside table in the room . These are the quintessence of designer details that distinguish our wooden furniture . There you can put designer jewelry or other small accessories. It's still not everything. We create an oak lower shelf for lovers of reading books or magazines. The bedroom should not only be cozy, but also perfectly organized and visually beautiful. Thanks to this, your rest will be even more pleasant. An oak bedside table is an ideal solution that combines functionality and design.

The troost wood bedside table is popular not only among customers

A bedside table in the form of a functional cabinet is a wooden piece of furniture that has stolen the hearts of not only our customers. At the beginning of 2020, it was appreciated by true design lovers. The Troost bedside table won two awards, including in the international TOP DESIGN Award competition and in the 10th edition of the must have plebiscite as part of the Łódź Design Festival . Interestingly, our wooden furniture has already stolen the jury's hearts. We are incredibly happy that the design of a designer bedside table , practical and made with attention to detail, has been noticed by specialists in this field. These types of awards always provide a lot of motivation and are a signal that what we do makes sense. Everyone who works in the interior design industry knows well that the international TOP DESIGN Award competition promotes innovative design, while the must have plebiscite selects real gems in the field of design and practical implementation. Organized by Łódź Design Festival, which was established several years ago. It is worth noting that the Troost bedside table was designed entirely by Agata Nowak, whom we would like to thank for her good work and exceptional commitment.

Bedside tables in stylish shades that you can match to the interior

Does your interior have much in common with the Scandinavian and minimalist style? Do you like universal solutions? This white bedside table manufactured for you is a perfect solution. Together with natural wood in a semi-matte finish, it looks simply perfect. Each accessory on an oak countertop will look designer. An alternative to traditional white is a gray bedside table . You will quickly appreciate its universal use and unique appearance. Or maybe you prefer strong accents in an intense shade? The black bedside table is for you. It is a combination of stylish appearance and functionality. We assure you that in a place like the bedroom, every detail matters. When, right after waking up, you are greeted by a perfectly designed and tidy interior, each dream will be even more relaxing.

Solid bedside table made of natural wood

Here, it is worth paying attention not only to the designer appearance of the cabinet , but also to the natural materials used in its production. The borcas brand has always focused on living in harmony with nature and selected wood from local suppliers. The bedside table is made of solid natural oak and its legs are made of solid beech . Thanks to this, it is unique because each piece of furniture is slightly different from each other. You will not find two identical wooden pieces of furniture , as subtle differences will be visible, e.g. in the shapes of the grain or slightly different colors. Also remember that such unique bedside tables , shelves and desks need proper care and maintenance. Thanks to this, the wood will look perfect in your interior for a long time.

Do you want to create a functional bedroom where you will spend nice time? The troost bedside table in three stylish shades is waiting for you! And you can perfectly match it with the ogen lamp , also designed by Agata Nowak and recognized as a must-have in 2020. Contact us !

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