Wooden furniture - what you need to know about it

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How to care for living room furniture and more? About differences and care

Wooden furniture - types and proper cleaning

If you are a fan of the natural look of furniture for the living room, bedroom or office , wooden countertops or solid wood legs certainly appear in your arrangements or plans. No wonder, it is a timeless and aesthetic solution. However, it is worth knowing more about the catalog offer of the borcas brand and custom-made furniture , so that care translates into durability and perfect appearance. From our article you will learn how to clean wooden countertops , what veneer and solid wood are, and the differences between varnishing and oiling .

Skog desk with a veneered top and white legs (RAL 9003) from the Oslo collection.

Custom-made furniture made of solid wood and veneer

Veneered board and solid wood are often used to produce exceptionally durable and solid furniture . Their popularity is growing both in Poland and abroad. They are distinguished primarily by greater durability, unlike, for example, the popular chipboard. Veneer is a thin, natural veneer that is glued directly to a wooden furniture board . In turn, solid wood furniture is made of 100% natural materials after processing and appropriate impregnation.

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Properly protected wooden countertops are resistant to mechanical damage, including cracks and scratches. They are perfect for everyday use. The high quality of the material also goes hand in hand with their appearance. Solid wood or veneered furniture has a truly unique finish. For example, two tables made of solid wood that seem to be the same will actually be different from each other. Their structure and surface are enriched with characteristic rings. There are also slight differences between shades. All this makes wooden furniture unique and one of a kind.

Solid oak wood from a troost cabinet , varnished with semi-matt varnish

As a manufacturer of wooden furniture , we work with full commitment on every detail, and we import the wood from local suppliers. Once we put them into use, their care is very important. First of all, wooden furniture must be stored in a dry place, preferably away from sudden changes in temperature or moisture. It is not a good idea to place a wooden chest of drawers right next to the radiator.

How to clean solid wood and veneer furniture?

Before and after the purchase, many of you ask yourself the question - " how to clean Scandinavian furniture made of solid wood and veneer?" ". The answer is not complicated at all. All you need to do is use a soft and dry cloth (preferably microfiber) and clean the dust from the wooden top or legs. In case of larger dirt, you can use products dedicated to cleaning wood . Never spray products directly on countertops or wooden furniture surfaces. It is best to apply a small amount of wood cleaner to a cloth. Also avoid too much moisture, which can cause a "swelling" effect.

Wooden troost bedside table made entirely of solid wood.

Lacquered or oiled?

When purchasing wooden furniture , you will certainly come across two methods of protecting it against external factors - oiling and varnishing . If you want to keep the natural look of wood , choose the first option. Their shade will become deeper and more intense, and the grain will be more visible. This will add a bit of rustic character to your interior. Oiled wooden furniture will therefore be resistant to damage, but this method has a drawback - the effect is not permanent. If minor imperfections appear, remember to apply another layer of oil. The wood itself becomes less resistant to scratches and abrasions. Without regular care, it will not look attractive. If you are wondering how to care for oiled furniture on a daily basis, it is very simple. Use a damp cloth and, in case of heavier dirt, use special soap for oiled surfaces. It is also important to re -oil the wood . This treatment is recommended at least once a year.

Oiling of solid wood in our factory

The situation is different in the case of varnished wooden furniture . As a manufacturer, we prefer finishing the countertops with semi-matt varnish . Why? Too much gloss may reflect light and the wooden countertop will not look aesthetically pleasing. In turn, a completely matte surface is devoid of any shine, which also does not look good. On the other hand, semi-matt wood varnish looks natural. This is not the only advantage of such furniture. Wood varnish can also have a decorative function - it perfectly covers the surface, giving it a subdued shine. So this is a great solution if you don't know how to renovate furniture . In addition, it protects and impregnates the material, creating a layer that protects against mechanical damage, including scratches and discoloration. Wood varnishes also close the pores in solid wood, making the entire structure more solid and you don't have to worry that the wood will crack during use. We also use acrylic varnish as a colorless furniture base. Never use products containing acetone, ammonia or alcohol to care for varnished furniture . They may damage the wood. Also avoid using sharp sponges and brushes. After wiping the surfaces with a wet cloth, remember to wipe them dry again, e.g. with a microfiber.

Lacquered veneered top of the fjord desk from the Oslo collection.

Natural, bleached and aged oak - which one?

Among the Borcas brand furniture you will find such markings as bleached oak , natural oak and aged oak . What does this really mean? What are the differences in appearance? Bleached oak fits into current trends in furniture production. It is the choice of a modern and aesthetic solution. Furniture with a bleached oak finish is very natural. They look great in Scandinavian and even glamorous arrangements. Natural oak, on the other hand, looks like real wood. The grain is more visible and the surface structure is truly unique. Aged oak is also an interesting solution. This finish of wooden furniture emphasizes its naturalness. You can easily match aged oak to classic interiors. The source of the color obtained during production is an appropriate wood stain . When it comes to care, it is basically the same as for other borcas furniture . All you need is a damp cloth and wipe the surface dry.

Vogel S desk from the Amsterdam collection. in the variant with solid oak wood - solid beech legs in black (RAL 9004)

Vogel S desk from the Amsterdam collection. in the variant with bleached oak wood - solid beech legs in black (RAL 9003)

5 natural oak

7 bleached oak

21 aged oak

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You now know what types of wood there are and how to care for them so that you can enjoy your solid wood or veneer furniture for a long time. We hope that we have dispelled your doubts. We also encourage you to check out our offer, where you will find unique Scandinavian furniture for your interior. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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