The perfect desk - how to choose it and match it to the interior?

Idealne biurko - jak je wybrać i dopasować do wnętrza?

Are you looking for a work desk ? Or maybe you don't know what a place for learning and playing for your child should look like? See what to consider when choosing the perfect desk where you will spend your time comfortably and safely.

Scandinavian-style desks – simple and beautiful form

Are you thinking about minimalist desks and the only thing that comes to your mind is a simple design and little space? Nothing could be further from the truth. Scandinavian desks have many fans. If you value simple and timeless forms, desks from borcas will be the perfect solution for you. What distinguishes such desks is their beautiful line. Moreover, due to the light shades and the use of natural wood , they are perfect for both small rooms, e.g. apartments and single-family houses. Proof of this are the Skog , Elg and Fjord desks, which impress with their simple form. They optically enlarge the space and introduce visual order.

Skog desk with a veneered oak top and white legs (RAL 9003) with a gate frame from the Oslo collection.

Elg desk with a veneered top and white legs (RAL 9003) from the Oslo collection.

Fjord desk with a veneered top and white legs (RAL 9003) from the Oslo collection.

Minimalist furniture includes desks with oak tops (made of solid oak wood or veneered boards), which can be easily matched to other pieces of equipment. A classic white desk will fit into any room. The Scandinavian style is dominated by neutral colors such as gray, white and beige. Cotton or linen fabrics will complement such an arrangement, but that's not all. Perfect accessories for minimalist desks are those that have geometric shapes or are associated with nature. A great complement to Scandinavian-style furniture is, for example, a gate frame or a hygrometer that also serves as a paperweight. The Scandinavian desk is a simple form without unnecessary additions, which also translates into a large amount of space on the countertop.

Beech hygrometer with reindeer moss from the Amsterdam collection.

Gate frame with reindeer scratching from the Oslo collection.

Scandinavian desk for work - how to choose and what to pay attention to?

If you spend several hours a day at the computer, it is better to create a space - even a small one - dedicated specifically to work. Incorrect posture at the table or holding the laptop on your lap is not a good idea in the long run. Take care of your health and comfort at work and you will immediately feel it when implementing your plans. When choosing a desk for work, you must take into account several important aspects that will translate into your comfort and safety while working.

Above all:

  • the height of a computer desk should not exceed 80 centimeters,
  • the viewing distance from the monitor must be within the range of 40-75 centimeters,
  • the optimal width of a desk for an office or private use is 100 – 140 centimeters,
  • a laptop desk should provide you with a place to rest your arms freely and comfortably position your legs,
  • make sure you have a comfortable office chair that will protect your spine.

As we have already mentioned, Scandinavian-style furniture optically enlarges the space. This is an important aspect when arranging a home corner and choosing a work desk , especially if space is very limited. The light structure of the furniture, as in the case of Vogel S and M wooden desks ( see size S by clicking here ) ( see size M by clicking here ), will not disturb the harmony and stylish appearance of the entire room. At the same time, it is a practical solution if you often work remotely or like to use the network in a convenient and casual way. You can easily place a computer on your home office desk , which is increasingly being replaced by a modern laptop. Thanks to additional drawers or an option with an extension - a practical desk organizer, you will gain even more storage space. You can store necessary office accessories or documents there.

Vogel S desk with an extension

The photo shows the Vogel S desk in black (RAL 9004) with a top.

Practical drawers in Vogel S and M desks

The photo shows a vogel S desk in black (RAL 9004) with 2 drawers.

If a desk with drawers is not enough for you, you can use a havn office container . You can fit binders or folders in them and have e.g. a charger or other work accessories at hand. This solution will work well for an office desk , where you will have more space at your disposal.

Hawn container made of solid oak wood from the Oslo collection.

Are you worried about an unstable piece of furniture due to an uneven floor? Don't worry. Vogel desks have feet at the base of each leg, thanks to which you can easily level them.

Vogel S and M desk feet for adjusting the level of the furniture - a practical and easy-to-use solution on uneven floors.

Which desk should you choose for a child? A few words about learning and having fun

Are you decorating a room for your child? One of the essential elements is a children's desk . It will be a place to play even at preschool age and will quickly become a functional learning element. A desk for a child must be safe, so it is worth choosing a solid and stable structure. Natural wood will work perfectly here, as it is not only durable, but will also complement any Scandinavian arrangement. A desk for a child's room made entirely of wood, such as the minimalist Vogel S, can also liven up the space. Just choose a pastel shade of legs, which look absolutely charming with natural oak . Our offer includes mint, blue and pastel gray colors. To make the study desk functional and comfortable for your child, you also need to think about which chair to choose for your child's desk . Be sure to choose ones with height adjustment. This solution will improve the correct posture while doing homework, which will also translate into comfort.

Vogel M wooden desk in white (RAL 9003) with 3 drawers.

Be sure to see all borcas desks .

See the offer of minimalist desks from borcas and find a model that will suit your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us via the contact tab . We will answer each of them and help you choose the perfect piece of furniture . Remember that we can configure and personalize desks, which will allow us to meet your expectations.

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