How to organize and arrange a Home Office

Jak zorganizować i urządzić Home Office

Home office has already become part of our lives. The current situation has caused more and more people to switch from stationary to remote work. Many employers also notice the great advantages of such a model, e.g. thanks to savings. However, it is worth preparing for this in terms of space and furniture. See how to arrange a home office.

How to prepare a space for a home office?

Before you start arranging your home office, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the basic health and safety rules. Working from home also requires proper preparation to make the place safe. Additionally, consider how many hours you have to devote to work and what your breaks will look like. Organizing a home office is extremely important to ensure that work is efficient and well-thought-out. Prepare a schedule for your activities and always set priorities. What is most important is best done first. Believe me, it is also important to separate work and home duties. While writing this text, I am alone in my home, sitting comfortably in my home comforts and drinking freshly brewed coffee 😉

Vogel S wooden desk

The next step is to indicate the place where the home office will be located. It should be comfortable and calm, as well as have a bit of space to make work pleasant and effective. Separate room? A corner in the living room? Regardless of the place you choose, it is important to choose the right furniture. They don't have to look exactly like they do in the office. They can become a functional place to work and, after hours, to pursue your passions and creative activities.

Vogel S wooden desk

Vogel S wooden desk

Vogel S wooden desk

A small desk for home office

If you want to choose minimalist furniture, you can check out our offer of desks. They charm with their amazing design and have the right amount of space to work. You can even place the selected model in the bedroom. The vogel S wooden desk has compact dimensions, 77 x 100 x 50 cm. It does not take up too much space, and at the same time helps in organizing documents and properly positioning a laptop or computer. Additionally, it has two wooden drawers for storing small items. Desk legs made of natural materials ensure structural stability. And after work, the countertop can be used, for example, as a dressing table. You can also choose from many countertop finishing options - from natural bleached oak to black oak. You can also adjust the legs and body.

Vogel S wooden desk

Vogel S wooden desk

Vogel S wooden desk

Vogel S wooden desk with extension

A solid and large desk for the home office

Are you happy to have your own home office? Or maybe you have more space to arrange your home office? Choose a wooden Vogel L desk from our offer with dimensions of 77 x 140 x 60 cm. A large tabletop provides even more comfortable work space, where you can place additional monitors or organizers. The structure includes three practical drawers for documents and office accessories. The desk is made with attention to every detail, so it is not only functional, but also a designer element of your interior. Or maybe a Vogel M wooden desk ? The most classic and optimal desk size is 120 cm x 60 cm. Thanks to this standard size, this wooden desk fits into most rooms. The size of the tabletop allows you to place a monitor and keyboard and still leave plenty of space. An ideal desk for children and teenagers of school age and very convenient for home office use. Despite their larger dimensions, assembling such desks is very simple. You can handle it yourself without any problems. All you need to do is screw in eight screws without using any specialized equipment. As with its smaller predecessor, the Vogel S desk, you can choose from various finishes for the top, legs and body.

Vogel M wooden desk

Vogel L wooden desk

Vogel L wooden desk

Vogel L wooden desk

A Scandinavian desk that will charm you

If you are looking for a combination of simple and designer look, see also our other desks. For example, the Oslo collection includes models that are made with excellent precision. They will perfectly fill an empty interior and give it a unique character. They do not have unnecessary decorations, so they are perfect for homes where lovers of minimalism live. This is due to the screwless connection method. Our desks meet the needs of home offices because they have a solid structure and long durability. You won't waste time on assembling and connecting many elements. The countertop can be renovated, thanks to which it regains its former glory even after many years of use. You can read more about wooden furniture here .

desk in Scandinavian style elg

Scandinavian Skog desk

scandinavian fjord desk

What other furniture do you need for work?

Additional furniture is designed to perfectly organize work in your home office. First of all, you will need a place to store documents, small equipment and office accessories. You can use our havn container for this. You can fit everything you need at hand in it.

Vogel S wooden desk and Havan office container

havn office container

Need more space? Then place a larger glomma chest of drawers in your home office to accommodate even more documents. A characteristic element are drawers that open with one touch. This will save you a lot of time when you want to grab something quickly. You can also easily organize your desk space by hiding things in the cabinet.

Glomma wooden chest of drawers

The ideal place to store printer paper or binders is a trygge cabinet . It can also be placed on all shelves, thanks to which you can perfectly arrange the space and adjust the furniture to the dimensions of your room. The wooden cabinet also has a one-touch system installed.

Trygge wooden cabinet

The home office will also be complemented by the bakke shelf and other models available in our offer (e.g. sky and slott). These types of structures are visually light and are perfect for home office use. At the same time, you can place designer decorations on the shelves to give the space a stylish character. You can buy a drawer module for the sky shelf , which you can mount anywhere. Enjoy various configurations to organize the perfect home office space. The slott shelf will meet the requirements of the most demanding workers at home. Natural wood and light construction are a solid and functional combination.

Scandinavian bakke shelf

sky bookcase

minimalist style slott shelf

Don't forget that your eyes should rest while working. It is also worth considering natural decorations, e.g. our natural humidity meter , which can also be used as a paperweight.



Do you want to organize your workspace and adapt it to your needs? When purchasing our furniture, you can personalize it. We will choose the right size and finish for you. Your home office will become simple and pleasant! Contact us .

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