Excess stimuli and well-being - what to do to rest?

Nadmiar bodźców a samopoczucie - co zrobić, aby odpocząć?

A new message from a friend, another piece of news about affairs in the country or an important e-mail. During the day, we receive a lot of stimuli that influence our daily functioning. In this article, we explain when it is worth going offline and how to do it in the 21st century.

Health and offline function

Deteriorating well-being is often related to the effect of overstimulation. This phenomenon was unheard of several decades ago, but today in the era of smartphones, tablets, laptops and smartwatches, it is quite common. Unfortunately, we use devices not only at work, but also for relaxation at home. After a long day full of duties, we sit down at... the TV or smartphone to watch a movie or browse social media. In fact, it's another dose of blue light, an electromagnetic field.

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Do you often browse the Internet before going to bed while lying in bed? Do you then contact your friends or look at inspiring photos? Or maybe you watch movies to relax? Today, the smartphone is a source of enormous entertainment and content. All this in one device, so using it is very simple. This is not good practice. As a result, the brain is constantly processing stimuli and information, and therefore the nervous system is still working. The blue light emitted by a smartphone also reduces the amount of melatonin produced. This is responsible for proper sleep. Too little of this hormone causes the body to become dysregulated. In the evening, instead of winding down, he continues to work and stay active. And this is associated with further disorders, such as problems with concentration and even decision-making. Overstimulation affects the body in such a way that it is unable to analyze and accept more information, often incredibly important.

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How to take care of your health without overstimulating yourself?

In fact, complete separation from technology is impossible in today's world. However, it is necessary to ensure that overstimulation does not occur, which may be dangerous to proper functioning. However, such protection is quite demanding because it requires active action, awareness, reflection and proper analysis of what happens on a daily basis. Before going to sleep, your body needs to calm down to be able to fully rest. To do this, it's a good idea to put away your phone and other devices at least three hours before bed. This is not to disconnect from social life or escape from being a consumer. It's really about how we spend our free time.

Reducing contact with the phone to a minimum will translate into better well-being, because the biological clock will start working properly. So start small. Our bedside table is designed for this purpose because it has a special place where the phone automatically loses reception. Therefore, you do not have to turn it off and you will be sure that, for example, your alarm clock will ring in the morning. Such small changes in everyday behavior will prevent unnecessary information from reaching your brain. And you will have time for rest, harmony and calm.

What else will allow you to be offline?

  • a solid dose of undisturbed sleep,

  • physical exercises,

The photo shows a wooden Vogel M desk

  • cooking and eating meals with loved ones,

  • communing with nature

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  • relaxation with a book, coloring book, music.

The photo shows a Vogel M wooden desk and a Spill coffee table

More about our offline locker

Get a good night's sleep and live in harmony with your body. Our locker with offline function will make it easier for you. This is a special pocket created by widening one of the compartments and shrinking the other. Interestingly, inside you will find fabric that is hand-sewn. It is responsible for blocking signals emitted by mobile phones. The pocket is created like a Faraday cage , i.e. the fabric uses a coating to dissipate electric currents generated by electromagnetic fields, including Wi-Fi and other signals. Just put your phone in your pocket and the offline function will let you rest.

We will spend practically the rest of our lives with phones - remember that reasonable use of these devices is completely safe.

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