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Welcome to borcas - information about the brand

about borcas…

borcas is us – a manufacture that creates furniture with you in mind. We combine minimalist style with full concern for the environment, using materials that come from reliable local suppliers. We work at full speed to take care of every detail of the furniture. Thanks to this, we are sure of their quality and unusual appearance. We are inspired by the culture and lifestyle of six cities: Barcelona, Oslo, Rome,Cracow, Amsterdam and Stockholm. It was those cities who contributed to the creation of the borcas name and brand.

You probably wonder what we stand for? A sense of aesthetics. A unique design. Full commitment at work to create solid furniture. And what’s more – we can adapt them to your needs thanks to the possibility of personalization and configuration.

our team

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

(brand founder)

tel.: +48 503 897 064
e-mail: ks@borcas.eu


Daria Matecka

(account manager)

tel.: +48 882 416 703
e-mail: zamowienia@borcas.eu

Płatność borcas

Tomasz Kazowski

(e-commerce department)

tel.: +48 881 092 846
e-mail: marketing@borcas.eu

where you
can find us?!

Check if there is a showroom in your area with furniture from borcas, and you will find out yourself that taht are our products are made carefully and with attention to every detail. Do you want to make sure that your dream furniture is in the showroom? Use the contact details and find out what is on the expositions in your area. On the spot you will learn more about our furniture. Our service perfectly knows the products and can provide templates.

Click HERE and see all available locations.

our designers

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

“My inspiration for creating furniture is often traveling and what is happening around. During the Oslo. collection project, I wanted to create a consistent value. We managed to create a functional piece of furniture with a light and simple form, without unnecessary frills. Amsterdam. collection inspired by full color window shutters along the canals surrounding the capital of the Netherlands.”

zdjęcie Marcin1

Marcin Gawłowski

“While designing for borcas, I am guided by the functionality and currently prevailing trends. Simple solutions are the best. This is perfectly evident, for example, at the hygrometer from the Amsterdam collection. Here, it combines a minimalist style and trends of being eco and offline.”

Agata Nowak

Agata Nowak

“I am a designer of a product, furniture and exhibition spaces. I gained my experience in Studio Rygalik and Studio Ganszyniec. I have also been independent from the very beginning. My projects have been shown, among others in London, Paris or Milan. Timewatch clock, which I designed for the Danish company WOUD was awarded with the Must have award. At work I pay special attention to the needs of users and try to meet them by creating simple, thoughtful solutions.”


Biurko vogel S białe - Renata Kaczoruk
Regał czarny na książki bakke
stolik spill i rama gate
Stolik kawowy spill

they write about borcas:

Anna Dominik

Anna Dominik

Bubulinka - Magdalena Zaniewicz - borcas

Magdalena Zaniewicz


Katarzyna Bobocińska

Magazyn czas na wnętrze

czas na Wnętrze

Magazyn F5


Magazyn dobre wnętrze

dobre wnętrze

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