Personalization - what does it mean?

Personalizacja - co to znaczy?

Personalization of furniture

Modern , designer and solid furniture are not the only advantages of the wide offer of our borcas brand as a manufacturer of wooden furniture . We focus on meeting your needs. That is why we propose personalizing the furniture in the Scandinavian style , i.e. modifying it both in terms of size and shade. How can you match e.g. minimalist desks to your interior? What will you decide when choosing wooden furniture ? You will learn everything from our article.

What does it mean that furniture can be personalized ?

Who among us doesn't dream of unique items in their home? In times of numerous chain stores and repetitive interior design , it is worth paying attention to what you really surround yourself with. In the past , craftsmen produced products that might be similar at first glance, but actually differed in small details . For example, natural wooden chests of drawers looked the same in terms of structure, but had different flaws on the wood . This made them unique, which is why we, as a Polish furniture manufacturer, want to offer personalization to our customers.

We want your interior to gain a unique character and have its own individual style . As a furniture manufacturer, we allow our customers to decide what will go in their living room , bedroom or children's room . Your satisfaction is important to us. Are you interested in, for example, Scandinavian-style desks ? See what you can personalize :

  • size – we will adjust it taking into account technical possibilities as well as safety of use,
  • color – you can choose it from our e-sample or propose your own shade,
  • material – give us a challenge and we will fulfill it.

Product personalization

The smell of freshly cut wood , perfectly finished edges, amazing design and finish - this is what you see when you get to know your piece of furniture from borcas for the first time. And in fact, it all starts with contact with the customer. At borcas , you decide what a desk for your home , office or study should look like. That's why its design is the most important for us, so that the furniture fits your space and your personality .

Do you dream of equipment that will be designed with your needs in mind? Contact us by e-mail, phone or send us a message on Facebook or Instagram! The entire crew is committed and ready to help you create the perfect product . If you have any questions, our staff will answer quickly. After obtaining the necessary data from you, we will tell you whether it is possible to make such a piece of furniture and what its total cost is. Why? We always care about the safety of furniture , which is why we take into account its entire structure and every, even the smallest, detail . The lead time is usually 4-6 weeks.

The era of personalization

Are you wondering how to go about purchasing furniture tailored to your needs? Let's take one of our most frequently purchased products, the Vogel work desk . Check if the dimensions provided on our website are suitable for your space. If it is too big or too small, we can reduce or enlarge it proportionally . This unique piece of furniture is designed for comfortable work , but not only that. You can use it to pursue your passions and develop your creativity because it serves, for example, as a desk or dressing table . That's why pay attention to additional equipment . Tell us what we could change to make spending time with it unique. Decide whether the desk should have more drawers or additions in the form of an extension . Thanks to this, you will maintain peace and order at all times. Colors are also incredibly important. Decide what wood to use and what shade of legs will perfectly match your room .

Pay particular attention to what the desk for your child's room should look like. For example, you can create a structure with blue legs that will definitely make the space stand out. Maybe you have a different vision for this product ? Share it with us to make your child's desk a great place to learn and play .

A gift with personalization

Scandinavian-style furniture is not the only product our factory offers. We also create unique, minimalist advertising gadgets in the form of a hygrometer . Personalization allows you to place an engraving on it in the form of a logo , wishes or a commemorative inscription . This solution is a great idea to distinguish your company, but not only that. It may be a great gift idea for your loved ones on the occasion of a housewarming party, Mother's Day or holidays . We place a reindeer beetle in a wooden cube with the selected inscription, which acts as a natural humidity meter . In addition, it looks unique due to its intense green color . It can act as an addition to the interior , as well as a paperweight in the office . Green walls, moss paintings and small accessories with a natural accent will give the space a natural look . This will make your work and relaxation at home more pleasant.

Product personalization – the most interesting examples

See how our clients' decisions influenced the final effect of the furniture . Choose product personalization and create your dream piece of furniture with us. Browse our furniture offer, and if you have any questions about its personalization and more, please contact us. Just fill out the contact form and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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