Dobry Wzór award for hall consoles

Nagroda Dobry Wzór dla konsoli hal

We have another reason to be proud of receiving the unique Dobry Wzór 2021 award for the hall console. We are glad that our unique project was appreciated.

Good Design 2021 competition

The Institute of Industrial Design is the organizer of the oldest design competition in Poland. For almost 30 years, he has been appreciating unique projects, especially those that have recently appeared on the market and are a response to user expectations. It also rewards work that combines innovation and care for the environment. We must admit that borcas fits this trend perfectly. The jury consists of real aesthetes and design specialists.

Award for hall console

The hall console was entered into the Dobry Wzór competition in the home - furniture category. Agata Nowak's project certainly deserved to be included on the list of finalists. As it turned out, we won the award, which made us very happy.

Why the hall console? This is the quintessence of ordered space, functionality, harmony and aesthetics. The project refers to the Berlin collection, which includes a return to Bauhaus design. This is a piece of furniture that will find many uses not only in domestic spaces. It offers many storage options, both on the lower and upper shelves. The whole is complemented by a simple design with legs that are slightly rounded at the bottom. This makes the hall console ergonomic and aesthetic.

hall console

hall console

hall console

More about the winners of this year's edition of the Dobry Wzór 2021 competition.

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