Borcas joins the Collective group!

Borcas łączy się z grupą Kolektywni!

We can proudly boast that we are one of the brands that belong to the Kolektywni group. Together we support unique furniture designs, high quality and original design. We are glad that this is another step towards promoting Polish crafts.

Why the Collective group?

Design has many names. That is why, together with other Polish brands, we joined the Kolektywni group. What unites us is what is most important to us, which is respect for human craftsmanship and care for the environment. Together, we also promote projects that are original and refined in every millimeter. We create furniture that is not mass-produced, but with great respect for local raw materials and the work of human hands. Although we may seem to be perceived as competitors, we share a passion, production method and love for Polish craftsmanship. That's why we prefer to join forces by promoting small companies in our country.

The Collective Group is another important step in our development. Together with other Polish brands such as Loft Decora, Miloni, Nobonobo and Swallow's Tail, we will exchange experiences and inspirations. This is a great honor for us, as well as an opportunity for development. We are also aware that, apart from us, there are many companies that intend to create their own and unique products that are to serve for many generations to come. With this assumption, we will continue to develop the Kolektywni group.

Start of business and gala dinner

The activities of the Kolektywni group officially began in October 2021. It was sealed with a gala dinner organized by OKK! PR in the Opasły Tom restaurant. Together with the creators of Polish brands, we could support each other, exchange experiences and talk about our plans. Journalists and editors of interior design magazines and websites also appeared on site. This day is the beginning of spreading the word about our activities, which we can't wait to see.

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