Furniture for a home office - home office

Meble do biura urządzonego w domu - home office
Half of the holidays are behind us. The weather in the Tricity is very different, with a clear predominance of sunshine. High temperatures are not conducive to concentration at work, but how to make it more enjoyable? After the last post about work space in the office , we move on to the micro scale - home office .

How to arrange an office at home - home office

As I mentioned recently, I work best in silence. Subdued colors, natural materials and limiting their diversity to a minimum mean that I am not distracted and concentrate better. Such a proven combination is undoubtedly wood , white and concrete . This is a universal, proven and, above all, timeless set. Additionally, greenery has a relaxing and soothing effect.

Home office furniture - how to choose it?

The basis of a good workplace is, above all , a comfortable desk and chair . When it comes to the first, I chose Borcas . The store's offerings are wonderful! The desk I chose is very natural, delicate, but above all, solidly made. It is very universal and fits most rooms. In my opinion, it looks beautiful against the concrete background!

Bookcase for the home office

The store offers an interesting shelf for this model. The steel structure with an interesting shape and filled with wooden shelves is very scandi . It fits perfectly not only into the office or child's room, but also into the living room .


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