Natural furniture by borcas - a natural trend

Naturalne meble marki borcas - trend naturalny

Nature does not need to be improved. This trivial and simple statement is successfully gaining more and more fans. Who among us wouldn't like to live in an environment that is as organic and natural as possible? The fashion for naturalness does not go away, and over time it gains even more value, convincing enthusiasts of a natural lifestyle. In stores, we pay much more attention to what our meal, a new T-shirt or the necessary sunscreen will consist of. We look for products with the simplest possible list of ingredients, because it gives us a sense of healthy functioning. And rightly so. Indeed, the trend for naturalness continues, and for many it is even becoming a priority.

Reindeer crib in an oak gate frame

The situation is similar when it comes to securing furniture . In order to reduce the impact of chemical agents that have nothing to do with our health and well-being, we have introduced the most valued method of wood preservation : waxes and oils . Due to their different consistency, it is worth using these two solutions one after the other. Thanks to this, the furniture gains durability without losing its unique, natural appearance. In the case of our new fjord , the process of whitening the countertop is carried out using completely ecological decorative waxes . Silky smoothness and matte finish are an effect that is difficult to achieve in a more natural way.

Scandinavian-style desk with a whitewashed fjord top

Furniture protected in this way can breathe freely and is resistant to moisture, so it will fit perfectly in the bathroom or kitchen. The visual effect, although important, will never outweigh safety. Natural ingredients derived from wood and plant oils do not cause any allergies or are harmful to humans. This important feature is a luxury in the current industry - few solutions can boast such a positive impact on the environment. For borcas, respect for nature is standard.

We will adapt to your individual wishes: it is possible to personalize and choose how to finish the furniture (with varnish or oil) - see our e-sample book . We will be happy to answer all your questions - if you have any doubts, feel free to leave them in the comments or contact us via the contact tab.

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