The history of wood

Historia drewna
Man has always used the gifts that nature gave him. One of the basic goods that we still obtain from the environment is wood.

Wood - a true story

Wood as a building material is inextricably linked with the history of civilization. Initially, it was mainly used to build houses. However, the human need for comfort resulted in a different use of this material. The first furniture began to appear. Initially, their functions were performed by equipment created as a result of the natural shape of trunks or branches. However, the process of primitive processing began very quickly. With the appearance of new tools, the techniques of producing wooden furniture developed over the centuries, they were improved, their form changed, and the methods of joining and refining became more and more sophisticated. Solid wooden furniture testified to the high position of its owner and his social status.

Furniture production - present times

Currently, appropriately processed solid wood is used in the production of furniture , but wood is also used in other ways. These may be, for example, lamellas or veneer . These are methods of refining furniture surfaces. To produce a more economical product (e.g. furniture front , door ), we cover its structural part with a layer of higher quality wood. This treatment makes the product look like it was made of solid wood , but it is devoid of its defects. Solid wood breathes and changes its humidity, adapts to the surroundings, changes its parameters and shape. When producing furniture, such effects are not always desirable.

The difference between lamella and veneer

The main difference between lamella and veneer is its thickness. The former is a thicker layer, which allows the furniture surface to be subjected to more frequent renovations. This advantage of lamellas is used by, among others: manufacturers of floor sandwich panels, the so-called Barlinek boards. Nowadays, wood has come back into favor along with the fashion for the Scandinavian style , ecology and nature . Wood began to be used in interiors, both in its raw, rough-hewn version, but also in a minimalist version, combined with metal or glass. Few interiors today can do without wooden elements. The human-friendly properties of natural materials are also considered to be an added value. Wood is a visually pleasing and "warm to the touch" material . By purchasing high-quality wooden furniture , we can be sure that it will serve us for years and, despite aging, will not lose its charm and will also gain character. Fortunately, we increasingly appreciate the value of wooden furniture . We are happy with the "grandmother's" chests of drawers found in the attic, which we gladly renovate and place in our homes. Modern technology allows manufacturers to create equally durable and solid wooden furniture , which, like "grandmother's" furniture, will be enjoyed by subsequent generations in the future.

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