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stolik kawowy spill

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Spill side table


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Designer coffee table for the living room

Scandinavian style table in three sizes

project: Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

size “S”

dimensions [mm]:
height: 473 mm
width: 440 mm
depth: 420 mm

weight: 8 kg

project: Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

size “M”

dimensions [mm]:
height: 495 mm
width: 470 mm
depth: 460 mm

weight: 9 kg

project: Kinga Smardz-Gawłowska

size “L”

dimensions [mm]:
height: 517 mm
width: 500 mm
depth: 500 mm

weight: 9 kg

wood: veneer natural oak, thickness 15-17 mm, matt varnish/oil
metal: filled rod
colour: RAL 1013 powder coated

time limit for completion: 4 – 6 weeks


metal finish options

stolik rozkładany spill trio

spill side table

The secret lies in geometry. „Spill” means „game” in Norwegian. As every battle is based on the certain blueprint, spill tabletop creates a visual base as well. Natural wood and steel construction, containing the invisible no-screw seam, form a composition rife with substantial charisma and sensual design. Spill side table fits consummately to everyday space.

Spill side table. Available in three sizes and various types of finish. In the picture: natural oak veneer and white pearl steel versions.  [spill L5]

stolik rozkładany spill trio