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Warianty wykończeń mebli wzornik

Just like you – we care about ecology, which goes hand in hand with the high quality of natural materials. That’s why we use solid wood for the production of furniture, which we buy only from reliable suppliers. Craft work on high-quality raw material translates into precision and attention to every detail. Thanks to this, furniture is attractive to the eye, and stable structures will survive for generations. We believe that everything that is natural is also beautiful. Convince yourself and change your interior with borcas!

we care
about quality

Pracownia borcas - rzemieślnicza

Natural oak, ash, or maybe an European walnut? Check our e-template and decide for yourself what your dream furniture should look like. In borcas we value close cooperation with the client, which is why you have the option of choosing your finishing variant. In the e-template you will find many types of natural wood, as well as metal finishes and paints. Do you have another idea? No problem, we are waiting for your contact and we will be happy to help you in creating a variant that will fully meet your expectations!

choose yours
variants of finishes

Variants of furniture finishes - borcas brand template

solid wood

lity d

5 natural oak

lity dąb bielony

7 bleached oak

lity dąb postarzany

21 antigued oak


dąb naturalny

51 natural oak

fornir dąb bielony

67 bleached oak

dąb postarzany

52 antigued oak

fornir czarny dąb

53 black oak

dąb sękatydąb sękaty

55 knotty oak


65 ash

orzech europejski

71 walnut

matt paint

czarna farba mat (RAL 9004)

F111 black matt paint
(RAL 9004)

biała farba mat (RAL 9003)

F112 white matt paint
(RAL 9003)

szara farba mat (RAL 7042)

F113 grey matt paint
(RAL 7042)

zielona farba mat (RAL 6005)

F115 green matt paint
(RAL 6005)

granatowa farba mat (RAL 5022)

F116 night blue matt paint
(RAL 5022)

F117 blue matt paint (RAL 5024)

F117 blue matt paint
(RAL 5022)

F118 mint matt paint (RAL 6021)

F118 mint matt paint
(RAL 6021)

F119 grey matt paint (RAL 7038)

F119 grey matt paint
(RAL 7038)

metal finish options

czarny matowy lakier strukturalny (RAL 9004)

101 structural matte
black color
(RAL 9004)

biała farba mat (RAL 9003)

102 structural matte
snow white color
(RAL 9003)

stalowy metaliczny lakier strukturalny

105 structural metalic
steel color

sklejka liściasta

114 structural matte
cream color
(RAL 1013)

czerwony matowy lakier strukturalny (RAL 3020)

114 structural matte
red color
(RAL 3020)

antracytowy metaliczny lakier strukturalny

134 structural metalic
anthracite color

brązowy metaliczny lakier strukturalny

142 structural metalic
brown color

lamp colors

czarny (RAL 9004)

101 structural matte
black color
(RAL 9004)

szary (RAL 7035)

106 structural matte
grey color
(RAL 7035)

granatowy (RAL 5011)

130 structural matte
navy blue color
(RAL 5011)

miętowy (RAL 6021)

140 structural matte
mint color
(RAL 6021)

musztardowy (RAL 1032)

150 structural matte
mustard color
(RAL 1032)

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