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Rise desk that grows with your child


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Rise desk

project: Ewa Półtorak

dimensions  [mm]:
height: 570/660/750 mm
width: 900 mm
depth: 500 mm

weight: 20 kg

Rise desk with extensions

project: Ewa Półtorak

dimensions  [mm]:
height: 750 mm
width: 1500 mm
depth: 500 mm

weight: 23 kg

tabletop and drawer front: natural oak, thickness 19 mm, ha
legs: solid oak fi 50 mm
drawers: hardwood plywood, thickness 15 mm
color of legs and drawer front: yellow/orange/olive/fernblau/cashmere

extensions: natural oak

time limit for completion: 4– 6 weeks



finishing options for rollers and fronts

The main features of Rise desk:

  • MANY YEARS DURABILITY– the use of natural oak wood guarantees you exceptional strength and resistance to damage
  •  HAND-MADE– precision and attention to detail are the main advantages of handmade woodworking
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – minimalism, which will be perfect for both a boy’s and a girl’s room
  • MULTIFUNCTIONALITY – practical solutions allow not only to adjust the height, but also the size of the top
  • 100% SATISFACTION – our experts provide professional customer service both before and after the purchase; don’t wait any longer, add this to your home today. Don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance


Biurko rosnące razem z dzieckiem Rise, to doskonały wybór dla rodziców starszych przedszkolaków. Dzięki możliwości zmiany wysokości zyskujesz wielofunkcyjny mebel, który posłuży Twojemu dziecku od przedszkola aż po pierwsze klasy szkoły podstawowej. Minimalistyczny design pasuje do wielu aranżacji – z łatwością dopasujesz pozostałe meble urządzając estetyczny oraz praktycznie urządzony  pokój.



“The Rise desk, following the Montessori method, is designed in a way that promotes development, facilitates a child’s independent work, as well as organization of space. It has a simple and intuitive way to adjust the height, the ability to enlarge the work surface, as well as drawers and additional storage accessories – soft and child-friendly. A section of the tabletop is finished with a special surface for drawing with chalk.”

Rise wooden desk with adjustable

Get a piece of furniture that provides a comfortable place to study and develop passions.

Desk with changeable height

The Rise model is a desk that grows with your child. Thanks to an easy system that involves tightening the oak rollers, you have the possibility to change the height of the top up to three times. This is the perfect desk at which you will start learning to draw slides and write first letters. An oak desk that grows with the child in a minimalist Scandinavian style is not only a functional place for learning and playing, but also a decorative element that adds elegance and charm to a child’s room. It is an excellent choice for parents who value comfort, durability and aesthetics.

Keep things organized and get a place for all your utensils

When designing the Rise model, we used ideas that solve many problems. The top was covered with laminate, on which your kid can freely write and draw with chalk. For cleanliness, all you need is a damp cloth. In addition, you can increase the basic size of the tabletop (90×50 cm) using dedicated 30×50 cm extensions. This solution allows you to freely paint, cut out and any other creative activities that children are passionate about. Thanks to the oak slats, you don’t have to worry about falling crayons and pencils or other small items – everything stays in the right place. When you’re done studying, you’ll store all your utensils in the practical drawers.

A piece of furniture to suit any interior

The wooden desk, thanks to its natural color, brings a warm atmosphere to the child’s room.Universal appearance resulting from the minimalist form perfectly harmonizes with other furniture.The Rise model is available in as many as five color versions of the fronts and legs – this significantly facilitates matching the desk to the arrangement.A desk designed this way will certainly encourage your child to study and do creative work, guaranteeing a lot of pleasantly spent time.