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Caring for the environment is not only our duty, but also a pleasure. Every day we try to live and function in harmony with nature. For the production of borcas furniture, we use certified materials and known origin, so that we can be sure that their acquisition and production did not have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. We strive to cooperate with local suppliers, because thanks to this we have a real impact on reducing the emission of pollutants produced by means of transport to the atmosphere.


in harmony
with nature




The leitmotif of our furniture is minimalism, for many people associated with order, simplicity and elegance. Minimalism in the sense of borcas is closely connected with ecology and attachment to nature. Both at the concept stage and in the production process itself, we approach the environment with great respect. We try to display the beauty hidden in the materials and use them with caution, because nature creates the noblest kind of design. The simple form and attention to the smallest detail are the hallmarks of our furniture. We give you designs without unnecessary ornaments, made of natural materials by craftsmen, which will accompany you for many years.

our collections



The capital of the Netherlands is the inspiration for our latest collection. For many, Amsterdam is associated with the play of colors and this is also our collection. The proposed furniture is ideal for small spaces, and due to well thought out functionality can fulfill various functions. It all depends on your needs. “All in one” is the leitmotif of this collection. Simple lines and slender proportions will perfectly fit into the space creating a stylish interior. We are still faithful to natural materials. Also in Amsterdam you will find a piece of furniture made with attention to every detail, in rich colors.



Oslo collection. are simple connections based on the warmth of precious wood with cool metal. Each piece of furniture is characterized by its specific form and incredible attention to detail, which has already become a special mark of our brand. The use of invisible connections between wood and metal and the lack of ornaments, allowed to create furniture characterized by clean form and optically light appearance.


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