Fun, rest and learning - How to arrange a children's room

Zabawa, odpoczynek i nauka - Jak urządzić pokój dziecięcy

A children's room must, above all, be child-friendly and functional for the parent. There should be space for both learning and fun. In order for the furniture to serve your child longer, it must be solid, comfortable and have an eye-pleasing design that will complement the design of the entire house. Such furniture definitely includes Scandinavian furniture , which provides optical lightness and order. Keeping the room tidy helps the child maintain mental balance, which is necessary for a young person to feel happy at the thought of spending time in his or her private space.

blue vogel S desk

How to arrange a children's room for play?

Already in kindergarten, a 6-year-old is given work to do at home. These seemingly easy tasks (coloring pictures, solving a riddle or a rebus) require a comfortable and pleasant space. For this purpose , a minimalist desk will suffice. It takes up little space in the room, so there is still space for a large play corner and other practical furniture.

blue vogel S desk

blue Vogel S desk with extension

If your child's room was previously decorated with plastic furniture, it is worth replacing it with wooden furniture . They are definitely healthier because, unlike artificial materials, wooden ones emit positive, "living" energy. It affects better sleep and more peaceful play during the day, and makes it easier for the child to concentrate on lessons.

Therefore, add modern solid wood furniture to the children's room. To store toys, choose the glomma wooden chest of drawers with drawers. The spacious drawers will accommodate toys and accessories for older students.

glomma chest of drawers

A stable chest of drawers made of oak wood with metal legs will keep the floor free of allergens. Thanks to the height, you can easily wash the floor under the chest of drawers, freeing it from dust. Next to the chest of drawers, place an optically light Scandinavian slott shelf with wooden shelves. It will provide space for books, unique toys, souvenirs, various gadgets and potted flowers.

What furniture should you choose for a children's room to save space?

The minimum number of furniture and things in a children's room means no chaos. This results in better behavior of the child. It will be calmer and happier. The fewer objects in the room, the less dust accumulates, which in turn reduces the symptoms of inhalant allergy. If we have our own design in mind, e.g. a desk for a child, there is nothing stopping us from ordering custom-made furniture .

Let's make sure that the wooden desks ordered are of the appropriate height. It is important that your child can maintain correct posture while sitting at a desk. For a piece of furniture to last a long time, it must be of high quality, preferably made of hardwood. The Vogel oak desk will work great in this case.

navy blue Vogel S desk with extension

gray vogel S desk

If you are thinking about storage in your child's room, you've come to the right place! Invest in wall shelves! Choose ones that will hold whatever your child puts on them. A strong, solid wood wall shelf is an ideal option for heavy books. It is also worth adding a bakke shelf in the style of the Scandinavian hills to the children's room - a hit that is eagerly introduced into the living space, both in the children's room and in any other space in the house.

oak edge shelf

oak edge shelf

Or maybe you would like to combine design with the possibility of flexible customization of the appearance and function of the furniture? You don't have to look any further! The Noe bookcase is made entirely of oak wood, which will give the interior a feeling of coziness and security. It offers wide configuration possibilities - you can use it to create a soft bed for your pet, a cabinet or a display case where you can display your children's book collection.

Noe shelf system

Study desks for children – which ones to choose?

We usually place the desk facing the wall. This treatment helps the child focus more quickly on the homework assigned by the teacher. However, remember that the child has access to daylight. The light should fall on the desk from the side opposite to the child's dominant hand (a right-handed student should have a window on his left side, and a left-handed student must have access to light on his right side).

If you want your child's room to be as bright as possible, choose a white Scandinavian desk . White brightens the space and is also neutral to the eye. Thanks to this, the child will be able to focus longer on tasks or play. Other furniture can be colored or based on the natural color of wood.

vogel L desk

Colorful furniture is perfect for a play corner, and where homework is to be done, place a minimalist white desk and hang solid board shelves above it on the wall. These shelves may or may not be white. The most important thing here is the white desk top. Avoid black desks. When the color is black, your eyes get tired very quickly. Moreover, black can be overwhelming, so avoid this color in a children's room.

Choosing furniture for a children's room can be a difficult task. You need to not only think about the type of furniture and what it should look like, but also about how it will be used on a daily basis. If you are looking for furniture for a children's room that is both fashionable and functional, be sure to check out our collection of carefully selected products!

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