Reindeer moss, decorative moss - how to care for it?!

Chrobotek reniferowy, mech dekoracyjny - jak o niego dbać?!

Are you wondering what a reindeer moth is? Are you looking for an answer to the question how to care for reindeer moss ? You will find the answer to these and other questions in the article below. In addition, you will discover two borcas products that will be an interesting addition to your rooms and may also be an original gift for people especially close to you.

Reindeer moss - decorative moss - reindeer moss

The reindeer moth is actually a lichen that is popular both in Poland and throughout Europe. It is often found in the northern hemisphere, especially in Greenland. Its name is related to the environment in which it most often lives, i.e. regions where reindeer clusters. Interestingly, lichen is their favorite delicacy. In our region, it is partially protected, so it is recommended to collect the reindeer moth by hand. It is moved very gently so as not to disturb its structure and the environment in which it lives. Then, it is thoroughly cleaned and put to sleep. Thanks to this, the lichen retains its properties and at the same time does not grow.

The green lichen is very characteristic compared to other lichens. Its intense green color and softness to the touch are due to appropriate air humidity. The optimal conditions for growth are approximately 40-60% humidity, which is exactly the same air conditions that affect human well-being. Moreover, reindeer moss is resistant to mold and fungi. It also does not attract dust and mites. Thanks to this, it is a safe plant for allergy sufferers , small children and animals.

A combination of reindeer moss and a wooden gate frame

A ready-made solution using reindeer lichen is lichen in a gate frame . The combination of green, fluffy vegetation and classic oak looks aesthetic and natural. You can use this accessory both on an empty wall in the living room or place it on a chest of drawers. You are only limited by your imagination. You can easily match it when arranging your interior. Due to the excellent properties of decorative moss , the gate frame will also work well in a child's room as a safe decoration for children . The softness of the lichen to the touch can also become an additional attraction.

A hygrometer in the form of a clapboard

Due to the fact that the reindeer moth absorbs moisture from the environment , it can work as a natural humidity meter in your interior. When it is soft, fluffy and intensely green, it means that your surroundings are healthy for both you and the lichen. When it becomes dry, you need to change your current habits and increase the humidity level in your room. A reindeer crib in a wooden cube will work well in minimalist interiors . You can additionally decorate its unique appearance, e.g. with engraving, and then give it as a unique gift to your loved ones .

How to care for a reindeer moth?

The 7 most important information about reindeer moss!

  1. Reindeer moss is very easy to care for - there is no need to water or fertilize it.
  2. The lichen absorbs moisture from the environment on its own and does not need light, so you can place it anywhere.
  3. The best humidity for a reindeer moth is 40-60%, which is the same as for humans.
  4. Lichen always looks unique - there is no need to shape it or trim it.
  5. The hygrometer is safe for allergy sufferers because it does not attract dust.
  6. The lichen will fit into your interior and surroundings - it is completely safe for animals and children.
  7. If the brush becomes rough to the touch, use an electronic air humidifier. If you don't have one, don't worry. Just take it to the bathroom, where it will absorb moisture from the surroundings. After a few hours, it will become soft and fluffy to the touch again.

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