Simple ways to insulate your house in autumn

Proste sposoby na ocieplenie Twojego domu na jesień
Autumn is the time when time spent at home is filled with a unique atmosphere. Every cup of hot tea or warm apple pie tastes much better then. Below you will find simple ways to warm up your home space so that it fulfills its extremely important function even better during this magical time.

Carpet – a practical floor decoration

An element of decoration that serves sometimes more and sometimes less intensively. There was a time when a carpet was a mandatory detail in every home. After a short break and the emerging popularity of wooden floors of various origins, carpets are coming back into favor with a vengeance. Not only will they serve as a perfect decoration for deserted surfaces, but they will also be beneficial for cold feet.

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Decorative pillows - sleeping pillows

Not only are they practical, because they come in handy when you suddenly feel like taking a short nap, but they also add character to the interior in an unobtrusive way. You will find an endless number of patterns, shapes and sizes. However, we focus on mixing pillows of different sizes, shapes and patterns. One detail must unite them. See for yourself.

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A blanket as an accessory for a sofa or armchair

Just like pillows, it's good when it's at hand. A rug and a woolen blanket also make the interior simply warmer. Casually slung over the back of a chair or nonchalantly thrown on the sofa, it is a timeless must-have, regardless of current trends.

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Scented candles – candlesticks

Nothing enlivens and adds warmth to the interior like live fire. When lit in the fireplace, it surrounds the entire house with a magical aura, but a small candle flame has a unique charm. The appropriate arrangement of candles in a room is as important as the selection of a candlestick. Similarly, a minimalist white shape takes on a completely different dimension on a simple art deco plate or a high glass stand. The form of presentation is very important, but we cannot ignore the equally important smell. He is the first to greet us when we enter the house. By choosing a scent that perfectly suits our tastes, we get a rush of endorphins every time we light our favorite candle.

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Floor lamps, hanging lamps, spotlights

Lots of small and big ones. The more the better. Both the warm light of the lamp and its beautiful design please the eye. Regardless of their purpose, lamps are a very flexible and useful material for interior design. We can start with the most basic base, which is an ordinary light bulb, and end with a sophisticated wall lamp. The only limitation is our own imagination.


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solid wood

Raw or carefully polished. Regardless of its form, wood was and is a noble raw material. Its scent creates a unique atmosphere at home. We love wood in all its forms, from beautiful old logs that decorate extremely high rooms to rustically stacked ones by the fireplace. Introducing nature in its purest form into the interior gives a unique sense of peace and warmth.

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Potted plants

Plants are life, and life is heat. A simple matter. Fresh greenery combined with a decorative cover is a brilliant idea for warming it up, regardless of the season, financial resources or size of the interior. In autumn, we focus on succulents, fig trees, aspidistra and all kinds of palm trees. Greenery reigns all year round. We will tell you more about how to care for it and what plants to choose in the next entry.

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