Wall shelf - create a decoration on an empty wall

Półka ścienna - stwórz dekorację na pustej ścianie

A wall shelf is a timeless decoration that will work well in many interiors, regardless of the surface or style. However, for some people this is a big challenge. What to put on it? How to attach it so that it looks aesthetic? We give you a hint!

Wall shelf for small interiors

In small interiors , a wooden wall shelf serves two functions. On the one hand, it is, of course, a decoration because it complements the empty wall above the sofa, bed or chest of drawers. Besides, it also provides additional storage space. Don't have a place to put your books? Do you want to display your handicrafts in an impressive way? Or maybe you have a lot of office accessories? A wall shelf in a studio apartment or a small office is the perfect solution. It will allow you to use every centimeter of space. In addition, the wooden shelf adds a stylish character to the entire arrangement. Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Scandinavian or loft style, this is the perfect material.

Wooden shelf in Scandinavian style

As we have already mentioned the Scandinavian style, we must also tell you that a hanging shelf will be perfect for such rooms. It looks great on its own or in combination with several of the same simple forms. A wall shelf for a Scandinavian-style living room or bedroom should practically blend into the room. What is most important is supposed to be on its surface. Wooden furniture is timeless. You can be sure that even if you carry out a total interior transformation, your Scandinavian-style shelf will still be trendy. All you need to do is choose a simple form and a natural shade.

Edge wall shelf – new from borcas

When it comes to wooden furniture, it is worth paying attention to something new in our offer. This is an edge shelf, handmade from natural oak. Its minimalist form will be perfect for a living room, bedroom, a small home office corner or a hall. Interestingly, it is a wall shelf without visible fasteners. This means that it has a completely minimalist character. There are no protruding and unnecessary elements. This solution is perfect for lovers of order and the Scandinavian style. You don't have to worry about how to mount the shelf to make it look aesthetically pleasing. The wooden furniture in our offer is very easy to assemble. So it won't take you much time. You will instantly change the appearance of an empty wall, and the hanging shelf will focus your attention on attention to every detail.

A wall shelf that will not disturb your arrangement

When choosing a shelf, remember that it should emphasize the interior design, not dominate. This is a decoration that should also match what you want to put on it. The heavy load means that you can place books, records, decorative baskets, containers and even a vase of flowers on the surface. A wall shelf for a children's room is also a great idea. It can be an additional place to store stuffed animals or toys. If you are also looking for a solution where to place pots with plants, a hanging shelf will also work well. It will emphasize the green shade of leaves or colorful flowers even more thanks to its simplicity and natural shade. Take into account that the place to place the wall shelf really depends on your vision for the room. In some interiors, they will look perfect one under the other to create a coherent whole. On a larger empty wall, you can play with the form and install them one below the other, but at intervals, to create an original, yet simple decoration of the entire wall. A hanging shelf is always eye-catching, and to give it a personalized character, add your favorite photos.

Wooden shelf is still in fashion!

We convince you that a wall shelf is a timeless solution. Maybe some people associate it with only putting things on it that catch dust. Not necessarily! A wooden wall shelf creates the effect of a cozy and well-planned interior. However, it is important to place decorations and objects on it that are visually aesthetic.

Design : Edged wall shelf

Designer : Wojciech Mierzwa, Studio Metafor

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