Potted plants for interiors decorated in a minimalist style

Rośliny doniczkowe do wnętrz urządzonych w stylu minimalistycznym

It's getting colder outside, the trees are slowly losing their colors, and the sun is disappearing faster and faster beyond the horizon. There is no denying that autumn has settled right outside our windows. For many of us, home becomes a place that plays an important role of shelter from the gray weather. It is there that we try to create an atmosphere that will allow us to wake up every morning with a smile on our faces, without the slightest influence of unfavorable weather conditions.

One of the golden ways to increase the level of positive energy in our homes are plants. We love being surrounded by both smaller ones, which are perfect as an addition to the bathroom, and larger ones, which harmonize beautifully with everyday space. Below we have prepared our green picks for you. Get inspired and create your own oasis in your homes!

Oakleaf fig - a potted plant from the mulberry family

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Potted palm trees for the home

source: avso.org, odwzorowanie.pl, pinterest.com

Monstera – a potted plant

source: iemo.jp, interiorpros.wordpress.com, pinterest.com

Potted cacti

source: homemydesign.com, interiortext.com, noanoir.com, pinterest.com

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