Modern wooden furniture

Nowoczesne meble drewniane

There is probably no more timeless and solid material than wood. In order for it to retain its best properties, the ripening process, drying and further processing are extremely important. You also need to take proper care of them. Here are some important aspects that will make modern wooden furniture stay with us for a long time and age beautifully.

Solid wooden furniture, i.e. furniture made of solid wood

Very often, wooden furniture seems to be the most durable. Of course, this is partly true, but you must remember that certain conditions must be met. First of all, you need to choose high-quality material, i.e. wood, which comes from proven sources. Unfortunately, an incorrectly performed drying or processing process significantly affects its durability and solidity. Solid wood furniture is considered the most durable.

Scandinavian TV cabinet Tromso

Furniture boards and wood-based boards will never replace the true, timeless material that is wood. If you want to focus on high quality, choose furniture, e.g. from a Polish factory, where the products are not mass-produced, but respect both the material and the planet. It is also not worth buying blindly: you can successfully see furniture collections in showrooms before purchasing them, not only to see them in person, but also to be sure of the care and precision of their workmanship. And see for yourself that furniture made of wood will be unique and less susceptible to mechanical damage.

troost bedside table

Choose ecological materials

Wooden furniture is a tribute to nature. Regardless of whether it is a wooden desk, coffee tables, a chest of drawers in the hall or bedside tables; whether we are talking about the arrangement of a living room, kitchen, bedroom or children's room - wooden furniture fits any room. Instead of synthetic materials, choose those made of natural wood and you will get timeless, fully ecological furniture. Thanks to them, there will be peace, harmony and a cozy atmosphere in the interior. In such conditions, it is worth resting... and is there a better rest than in the bosom of nature?

Hall console

Quick renovation: wooden furniture that will last for years

Natural wood, especially good quality wood, is resistant to damage. It is also not a problem to renovate the surface of the furniture - and do it yourself, and at home. Both the inside and outside of the furniture are made of the same raw material. We can therefore easily carry out renovation. This is why wood and furniture made of it are long-lasting - because all you need is minor sanding, regular oiling and taking care of this material to enjoy its beautiful appearance for many years.

Modern furniture, although unique

Wood is not only ecological, but also unique. And here it is worth taking a closer look at it. There are no two identical console or desk models. The surface differs in the arrangement of the rings, which create a unique pattern (differences can also be noticed in different colors). They may also differ slightly in color. This is why when we put two identical products next to each other, they will not be identical. However, this is the quintessence of artisan furniture production.

Sky bookcase

Wooden furniture and style

Of course, wooden furniture can have various forms. It is not only a matter of solid workmanship, but also functionality. The Polish manufacturer's offer includes, among others: hall console that perfectly combines these two aspects. – With this piece of furniture in our offer, we can easily gain an orderly and minimalist space, while also gaining a practical piece of furniture that will be used by all household members – argue the craftsmen from Borcas.

Hall console

Wood can take on various forms and shapes. It looks great in the form of boards with straight edges as well as rounded ones. With this material, we can equip a hall, bedroom, living room or even an office. We will combine them with many other materials. Together with metal legs, as in the case of the Hal console, the whole looks coherent. Black contrasts perfectly with natural wood. It also offers many arrangement possibilities.

Bakke bookcase

From minimalism and scandi to loft furniture

If you choose timeless wood, you can gain the effect of a minimalist and Scandinavian interior. After all, Scandinavian furniture is mostly made of wood. Wooden furniture is a great material for lovers of rustic, boho and eclectic arrangements. It also offers many possibilities for a loft style. The only question is what you will choose.

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