Warsaw Home Fair 2016

Targi Warsaw Home 2016

The latest trends, prospects for fruitful collaborations and fantastic design. The first edition of the Warsaw Home fair is behind us, and with it an unexpectedly huge amount of positive reception of the Oslo collection.

Warsaw Home Fair 2016 – borcas brand exhibition

The first meeting always brings a note of fear, especially since the expectations towards borcas were high. When preparing for Warsaw Home, the main goal of the entire team was not to disappoint you, lovers and connoisseurs of good design. Completely confident and one hundred percent committed to the ideology of the highest quality down to the smallest detail, we waited for the first visitors. We watched with great curiosity how wonderfully the borcas was received by subsequent guests. Due to the fact that this is the first such event and the real presentation of our brand to a wider audience, the distinction of being among the top twenty products nominated for the "Tygrysy Designu" award is doubly pleasing.

It cannot be denied that live meetings are an irreplaceable experience that fill both you and us with a great dose of energy, thanks to which we want to create more and more beautiful furniture. See what it was like in Warsaw!

Photo report from the Warsaw Home fair

Elg desk as our finalist in the "Tygrysy Designu" competition.

Finally, thank you for visiting. We hope to present you something new again soon, using a fresh range of inspirations.

Don't stray too far and stay warm this cold November weekend!

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