How to care for wooden furniture?

Jak dbać o drewniane meble?

Wooden furniture is very popular. They are timeless, durable and look great in virtually any room. Many people even believe that properly selected wooden furniture makes the interior immediately cozier and you can quickly feel at home there! Wooden furniture has many advantages, but there are often doubts about its care. What to do to keep them high quality and perfect appearance for longer?


  1. How to clean wooden Scandinavian-style furniture?
  2. Scandinavian-style tables with a waxed surface
  3. Lacquered shelves in Scandinavian style
  4. How to preserve wood?

How to clean wooden Scandinavian-style furniture?

Scandinavian-style furniture has been a real hit lately. They fit minimalist interiors and are kept in neutral shades. The main feature of Scandinavian furniture is that it is made of wood. How can you clean them so that they always delight with their appearance? Remember that wood has a relatively delicate structure and is easy to scratch. That's why it's a good idea to wipe the surfaces of wooden furniture with a slightly damp microfiber cloth and then wipe them dry with an equally soft towel. You can also use dedicated sprays for a specific type of wood.

Scandinavian-style tables with a waxed surface

Waxed wood works very well for cabinets and tables. An additional layer protects the wood against scratching or damage. However, if your Scandinavian-style tables have been waxed, they require special treatment when cleaning. To clean them thoroughly and not damage their surface, be sure to use dedicated preparations. It is best if they have the addition of natural wax, for example beeswax. After applying the wax, the surface can be polished with a soft cloth. The most important thing is that the cloth is dry. Waxed furniture does not like moisture.

Lacquered shelves in Scandinavian style

In addition to waxed furniture, you can also choose varnished furniture. Scandinavian-style shelves that have been varnished do not require special treatment. In fact, it is considered that varnished wood is the easiest to care for. To clean varnished wood, simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth.

How to preserve wood?

Maintenance of wooden furniture should be carried out approximately every six months. Lacquered furniture can be cleaned of old varnish and a new layer applied. Similarly in the case of oiled wood. However, wooden elements in the garden should be impregnated with a dedicated preparation before summer arrives.

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