Scandinavian-style furniture in the showroom

Meble w stylu skandynawskim w showroomie
The raw and at the same time warm space of the Wrocław showroom was the next to welcome borcas. Brick, wood and greenery , i.e. tamed nature in an excellent form.

Scandinavian-style furniture in the showroom

There is no doubt that minimalism is our domain, and attention to detail is our priority when creating. In DS, borcas gains exceptional freshness. A lively interior brings out a unique style from the furniture , which depends only on its arranger. The smallest detail of a perfectly polished desk top or perfectly composed screwless shelf connections become the perfect complement to avant-garde interiors. Their eclectic character arouses admiration among lovers of both ascetic forms and innovative solutions. The art lies in skillfully balancing the intertwining of different styles, and the Wrocław showroom has mastered it to perfection.

Arrangement of a showroom in Wrocław

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