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Paperweight or hygrometer?

In the era of overwhelming electronics as well as multitude of information, it is easy to feel distracted. More often we wonder if our surroundings are healthy for us?

We have designed a hygrometer which checks humidity levels and tells you if it is good for your health. Lichen taken straight from the woods and cast in oak box keeps its natural softness by endless exchange of humidity with your surrounding space. If its rough, it means that the air you breath in is too dry. The ideal humidity levels for humans as well as for lichen ranges from 40 to 60%. If your hygrometer remains soft, you can be sure that the air it is surrounded by is also good for you.

Every item is unique thanks to natural materials it is made from. It lacks a slightest touch of electronics as well as power supplies. Instead, it is soft and pleasant to the touch while its thick, lush green soothes your senses. Undoubtedly, this very item is supposed to be a pleasing piece of decoration suitable for every interior. It is also possible to use it as a paperweight on your desk. It’s like your own piece of wood in your own living space. [L5]



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SKU: N/A Category: Darmowa przesyłka na wszystkie pozycje z kolekcji Amsterdam. i Oslo.

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5 – natural oak, 9 – solid beech


W90mm S90mm G40mm


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project: Marcin Gawłowski

dimensions [mm]:

height: 90mm
width: 90mm
depth: 40mm

fulfillment: reindeer moss
wood: solid natural oak
weight: 0,2 kg

time limit for completion: 1-3 days


reinder moos

Amsterdam collection

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